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Ageless Fire


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War 04:23
I have lived a thousand times, and died a thousand more with both pride and humility in turn. I have taken the mantle  and scarred my flesh, and bore the weight of my astral lineage. I have passed across the expanse  of love's savage waste and I too have been martyred at the devil's door. I have known ecstatic glory and suffered trembling defeat. I have lavished in the grotto and perished on the slopes. Yet I remain embattled For I am no longer afraid. In the jaws of rapture. By the light of dawn. "So lives their life, So lives their death So live they still And yet they are dead."
Eternity 10:13
I have seen the faces of gods Through the eyes of the mask. Hidden from time. Shielded from man. Gilded secrets caught in glinting reflections, Arcane power guarded and denied. Meanings abstracted, totems erected. Shadows cast upon the sun. Inner moments locked away. Imagination tamed and bound. A glimmer of chance on the edge of volition, The coursing high of self revealed. Blood shock passion atop the tower of night. “From atop the Tower of Night, above the tangled fray, The wasteland of shame and inhibition, The impoverished kingdom of half-life, One can just begin to see beyond the horizon. Over the crest, past the mountains That cut across all that is known And all that might be. Fleeting apparitions of dream and possibility Held in the glow of clear night. From a top the Tower of Night, In the euphoria of vision One fights against the dawn. The dawn of forgetting, the dawn of resignation, Knowing there could be a different dawn. Bringing new light. A light in sensual embrace with the dark. A light that does not deny the mystery. A light of lasting revelation.” ARCANE SECRETS.  BLOOD SHOCK PASSION. EDGE OF VOLITION, ATOP THE TOWER OF NIGHT. Ripping hellfire, rise from the depths. Golden light flood from the chalice of death. Dagger through the veil pierce the firmament, tear off the mask. Blade of eternity drain the heavens. Bathe in the blood of knowledge and live forever.
Under the banner of death I am alive. Amidst the storm of infinite darkness my spirit still burns. With the unyielding force of the tyrant I live free. A flaming spear cast into the heavens shatters my chains. In your fortress walls I see weakness. In your prideful stare I see fear. I claim my place in the eternal cycle, Chargeless demon of retribution. Under the banner of death I still live. In the void of unknowing my will is realized. Through the gauntlet of mirrors, Reduced to essence, purified. I speak my being in the language of fire. UNDER THE BANNER OF DEATH I AM ALIVE. I DECLARE MY BEING IN THE LANGUAGE OF FIRE.
Ageless Fire 07:57
All that we have ever known, Imprisoned by what we have not. The tomb of ancient wisdom Still dreamt of, though lost. Haunted by the spectres of myth. Barren relics obscured by time. Beyond the scattered ruins,  Deeper than the aura of the word. LANGUAGE TURNS AND THE LEGEND IS ALIVE. "Neither flesh nor fleshless, Neither from nor towards; At the still point there the dance is... There we have been: But I cannot say where. And I cannot say how long, For that is to place it in time" Time beyond time, beyond flesh, beyond fear. Deeper than the aura of the word. In defiance of those who kneel. Brandishing steel at the inferno's edge. War in the ageless fire of vengeance. SPIRIT TERROR IN THE MORTAL ABYSS RISE THROUGH THE NEXUS AS THE WHEEL TURNS. Neither flesh nor fleshless, Neither from nor towards. Spirit terror in the mortal abyss Rise through the nexus as the wheel turns.
Erebus 01:45



Vanum was formed in 2014 as the collaborative project of K. Morgan and M. Rekevics. Drawing from the old traditions of the genre, Vanum play elemental and majestic black metal with an unyielding force and passion, showcasing a sharply focused and dynamic sense of composition marked as much by somber patience as arrogant strength.

2019 will see the release of Ageless Fire on Profound Lore Records. Expanding upon the triumphant framework hinted at with 2017’s Burning Arrow EP, as well as the majestic fury of 2015’s Realm of Sacrifice, Vanum’s newest effort sees the band continuing to chart a path of steady ascendency and constant growth. While the the album’s overt Bathory-by-way-of-Hellas inspiration is of note, Ageless Fire is by no means a throwback album. The towering songs that make up the album emerged organically, and naturally reflect their heavy metal lineage as much as they also reveal the essential core of Vanum's own unique identity. This ability to interpolate influence and individual inspiration into a seamless and deeply resonant whole make "Ageless Fire" more than simply an exercise in emulation and further cements Vanum's place as a singular band, in reverence to the past while looking defiantly towards the future.

Additionally, Ageless Fire is the first to feature the band’s expanded lineup. In addition to M. Rekevics and K. Morgan, the band now includes long term live members E. Priesner and L. Sheppard. In this radiant and fully realized form, Vanum have crafted an album that builds on the muscular and triumphant nature of previous releases and expands upon it with a sense of mythic grandeur.


released February 15, 2019

Recorded and mixed by Andrew Oswald in Brooklyn, NY and Oakland, CA.


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VANUM New York, New York


Santa Fe // NYC

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